Our Communities

THF in the Community

A development has to work for its neighborhood—or it just won’t work.

The most important thing to know about THF Realty is that we still own and manage every property we have ever built. In other words, we’re here to stay.

That’s why when we drive down the street, we see much more than the potential for a new shopping center.  We see a development that will become our home, as well as, the economic engine of the community.

As a result, we care deeply about what we build, how we build it and, most importantly, what impact we will have on the community economically, psychologically and environmentally.

Economically, our properties are designed to provide growth to their communities. Bringing millions in tax revenues to the local schools and government, jobs for the people that live there and be a gathering place where people can come to relax and enjoy life.

Psychologically, our properties are designed to enhance the beauty of the community through our attention to detail, our superior design and use of quality materials. They promote a sense of pride in the community and indicate an optimistic sense of growth and prosperity.

Environmentally, THF is known for our devotion to preserving the environment and even enhancing what is already there when we arrive. Whether it’s preserving wetlands, fortifying creek beds, planting thousands of trees or building parks for kids, our commitment is unwavering.