Our Communities

A Word from the Communities

We can say what we want about the properties we build, but the real truth comes out when the residents of the communities in which we have properties comment about the work we do, the properties we build and the relationships we create. Please read the following letters to learn what community residents and leaders say about THF Realty.

Letter from the St. Louis Regional Business Council

I recently read in the St. Louis Business Journal (August 2005) that THF Realty was once again ranked as the nation's fastest growing private retail developer by Retail Traffic - congratulations! This is a great honor and a credit to your leadership. You and your company are invaluable to our community and it is a pleasure to work with you as part of the Regional Business Council. Congratulations again on your continuing success.

Kathy Osborn
The Regional Business Council
7701 Forsyth Boulevard, Suite 205
St. Louis, MO 63105

Department of Development of the Community Improvement Corporation: The Ohio Valley Plaza

The Ohio Valley Plaza continues to be a major topic of discussion within our tri-state region. Your new Plaza, plus the existing Ohio Valley Mall, has made Belmont County a retail power center, drawing individuals from a 75-mile radius. Last year, our County, with a population of 68,000, had retail sales of $600 million dollars. Our County personally receives 1.5% of all retail sales through taxation, and last year we received in excess of $9 million dollars, which greatly adds to the County's financial well-being.

Robert Forsythe, the Chief Architect of the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, has told me on three different occasions how he marvels at the construction of your Ohio Valley Plaza. From it's massive 3.2 million cubic yards of earth moving with the utilization of dynamic compaction, to the quality design, construction and overall beauty of this project.

During my 10 years as Development Director in Belmont County, Ohio, I have had the privilege of securing numerous quality projects, but no project has been as gratifying or rewarding as the THF Project. This $57 million dollar project, with 30-36 stores now in operation, presently employs more than 1,600 individuals and adds such a quality service to our region.

On behalf of the Belmont County Commission and its Department of Development we thank the THF Corporation for the faith they had in our County and for helping to improve the quality of life within our region. It has been a pleasure to deal with a Corporation who has the ability and integrity of THF Realty.

Donald R. Myers, Director
Department of Development of the Community Improvement Corporation
Belmont County
St. Clairsville, Ohio

Chesterfield Commons Wins Beautification Award for Third Year

The Chesterfield Beautification Committee presented its 6th annual award for outstanding landscaping to THF Realty's Chesterfield Commons. Nominations for 2005 were accepted from residents and committee members from May through July. These nominations were then viewed by the 15 member committee and voted on. The criteria for judging were: curb appeal, color and texture, and maintenance of the site.

For the third year, THF Realty was recognized for its landscaping efforts in Chesterfield Commons. Kay Folsom, Chairperson for the Citizens' Beautification Committee had this to say, "The outstanding design and execution of the overall landscaping, from its tree-lined islands to its dancing fountains surrounded by banks of colorful flowers, is so superior that it's a wonder customers don't mistake the area for a park instead of a parking area around a commercial shopping center.

"The unique design of the bridge over Highway 40 is complimented by the retro-lighting and creative landscaping on the sides of the highway. Nowhere in our area do we find a better example of 'going the extra mile' to present a beautiful, pleasing environment to everyone entering the property as well as travelers on Highway 40. We are both pleased and grateful to THF Realty for their commitment to Chesterfield Commons, enhancing the beauty of Chesterfield and making a lasting contribution to the city."