About THF

The THF Way

We’re a long-term player. We seek out the best projects, execute flawlessly, and create projects that ultimately enhance the communities where we live, work and play. THF still owns and manages the first property we built. And the second one. And virtually all the others.

Because we build our centers for the long term and manage our own assets, we know quality is everything. And our quality is why our vacancy rate is one of the lowest in the country.

As our tenants will attest, THF’s centers are among the best run centers in the industry. Our projects turn out the way they do not just because we dream bigger or brighter. Our developments are successful because we have built a unique organization focused on consistently delivering a signature product. How? By executing better than everyone else.

Being successful in this business also means being able to interpret what the market demands. We have assembled the best of the best in this business to undertake projects that other development companies can’t begin to touch.

The THF Way starts with our tenured employees. Our low turnover and long tenure means seamless administration. Everyone knows their jobs and performs them well. We have literally seen it all and know how to respond to the needs of our tenants and financial partners quickly and most effectively.

As the owner and operators of every center we have developed, we have a continued interest in their success. In essence, we are a one-stop shop. We don’t use third parties. We have our own leasing team. We have our own construction team. We have our own roofing team. We have our own asset management department. We have a continuing pulse on each and every development. In the end, it means we have fewer issues, because we have better centers. And that’s not bragging. It’s just a fact. Well, maybe a little bragging, too. And why not?

Ask any of our tenants about our fast efficient build outs, which average just 30 to 45 days. Ask them about our quick response to roof and maintenance issues. Ask them about our lower costs for repairs, about half the cost of other shopping centers. Ask them about our impeccably maintained parking lots and beautiful landscaping. Even, our insurance rates are 10 – 12% cheaper because of the size and strength of our portfolio, making CAM costs lower for our tenants. But, most importantly, ask them about their sales success.

THF shopping centers have one of the lowest vacancy rates in the industry. Why? It’s simple. We build and manage quality shopping centers with top national and local tenants. And, we provide the kind of management that insures their continued success.

It’s the THF Way. A commitment to our tenants. A commitment to the communities we serve. A commitment to be the best private developer in America. The only thing missing is you.