About THF

The THF Principles of Success

We achieve success by focusing on our three Principles of Success:

Working Hard at Work Worth Doing
You met one of us. You hired all of us. At THF Realty, we produce and perform together. That means more than just having talent or experience. Our all-hands-on approach allows us to take full responsibility for all aspects of your development. We know that a thoughtless tenant or an upset neighbor can inspire a thousand headaches. One of the most important parts of our mission is to establish and maintain strong working relationships with our tenants and with the communities where our projects are located. Our all-team response to your calls, comments, and problems lets you sleep at night, while we often do not. Learn more about how THF Realty builds communities.

Extraordinary Talent and Commitment
We expect every THF employee to make a difference on your project. That’s why we put as much energy into selecting our team members as we put into developing our properties. All THF employees are experts in their disciplines. But, we look for more from each of them than just the mastery of their professional fields. We look for people with positive attitudes and entrepreneurial spirits. You receive our best efforts the first time and all the time. We know that your day-to-day challenges can only be addressed through our willingness to ask better questions, test our prior knowledge and develop more effective solutions. So, we look for THF team members who are willing to ask good questions of themselves and of each other -- and find great answers, even if those answers require a different way of doing things. Meet the THF team of professionals.

Breaking Ground to Build America - One Community at a Time
Some properties just fill up space. We see this as a very limited ambition. THF properties are designed to complement their surroundings and create long-term value for their communities, tenants and owners. Our designs incorporate technologies and efficiencies that give our tenants the greatest flexibility and the most effective uses of space. THF properties are architecturally distinctive, visually pleasing, easily accessible and built to withstand all the tests that time poses to buildings built today. Learn more about THF's properties.